Call of Duty Announcement: Vanguard โ€” Stalingrad, Russian and 20 cards on release

Iromania visited the closed screening of Call of Duty: Vanguard and shares the first details of the Sledgehammer Games. After the discontent surrounding the subject of Call of Duty: WWII, which focused on Western WWII front, developers from Sledgehammer Games in the โ€œsequelโ€ of the game decided to affect all the major military theatres of WWII โ€” yes, including Eastern. Campaign presentations we were shown one of the first levels โ€” the night before the Normandy landings (which is a bit ironic considering WWII started with D-Day) when hundreds of soldiers parachuted in an attempt to weaken the protection of the Germans in France.

The mission, of course, went wrong, and the planes came under fire from Axis anti-aircraft equipment. The protagonist was unable to reach the ground in one piece, but lost all his gear.

The level is very reminiscent of the studio‘s past game โ€” QTE’s sillier, cutscenes from the hero‘s face, and many scripted scenes. Character control is often taken away.

Sledghammer’s approach differs markedly from Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Raven. However, it is not worth drawing conclusions about the actual training mission โ€” perhaps further levels will become larger and non-linear, providing more tactical capabilities.

makes a strong impression โ€” WWII and now looks great, but the switch to a new engine (shooter is doing Modern Warfare 2019 with its range of modifications) only revealed more the studio artists‘ talent. There are four heroes in the story campaign โ€” one for each front.

The Russians are represented by Polina Petrova, who was created based on a real-life war hero, sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, also known as โ€œLady Death. โ€ It has managed to kill more than 300 opponents.

The story about the Eastern Front will be limited to Stalingrad โ€” for the first time players will see it in summer 1942, before the start of the battle, and then by the end of the semi-annual confrontation, that is in the winter of 1943. Developers want to show both the summer period of calm and the harsh Russian winter.

โ€œHere players will be able to fight in the snowy expanses during the Russian winter, which became so iconic in World War IIโ€ Unfortunately, the passage of the campaign for Russians will be limited to Stalingrad & mdash; it won’t be possible to look at other cities like Leguingrad. Which is a bit strange, given that they themselves talk about wanting to show war decisive battles.

The developers call them Tide Turning BattlesLevel in Stalingrad will be remarkable. a quiet passage โ€” we‘ll be able to look at the city still untouched by the war from an ordinary resident, not a soldier.

But the scenes are also promised for civilians in besieged cities. The developers want to talk about the beginning of the formation of special troops (in multiplayer, but they have to play for various specialists from them ).

Historyswirls around the Phoenix Project, for which the Allies created the Special Forces. The main characters represent each country of this unit, but neither the state nor the soldiers themselves are still know what this project represents.

They have to learn this while they go through. What is the Phoenix Project? It’s quite simple โ€” a program to find Adolf Hitler‘s heiress.

It is handled by the Gestapo and its director, Heinrich Freisinger. He is the main villain of the game.

We haven’t been told how the switch between the main protagonists will take place, but there is a suggestion. During the war, they all managed to be taken hostage and taken to the Gestapo.

Through interrogations, apparently we learn the story everyone. Sledghammer notes that the plot of โ€œVanguardโ€ is made up but based on a real story.

This seems to mean that the developers have come up with an authentic story for the real war. By the way before the show, many journalists paid attention to cool music โ€” like it turned out to be responsible for it by God of War (2018), โ€œWalking Deadโ€ and โ€œStar Cruiser Galaxyโ€ Bear McCreary.

– More about it will be told at a special event that will be held sometime in September. However, there are interesting details.

We‘ll talk about them. The release will have 20 maps โ€” 16 traditional (6-for-6) and 4 for small battles (2-for-2); Gunsmith will come back and expand; return and the ability to change types of cartridges (incendiary, armor-piercing and the like) .

But the most interesting thing was the arrival of detailed Rainbow Six Siege style destructibility โ€” doors, shelves, racks, glasses, wooden shutters and the like can be beautifully broken, which the team actively uses in creating locations, promising an increased level of interactive. Shooting has become โ€œheavierโ€.

Developers are trying to make it more fierce so that weapons feel more โ€œuvestoโ€ when shooting and normal move. The studio also prepares a new Champion Hill mode, but it is you can’t speak until the upcoming multiplayer premier.

WarzoneUnlike last year‘s Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard integration in Warzone will happen on the day the novelty is released โ€” along with that into the royal battle will add a new Raven authorship card and a new system against cheaters. Integration problems, as was the case with last year’s Cold War, are also not expected โ€” Vanguard and Warzone are running on a base Modern Warfare technology, which makes it possible for weapons to work as they should without surprise, as they did with Cold Warfare barrels.

Now traditionally Activision promises huge support for free Content. Zombipro mode with the walking dead has not been told much, only noting that it‘s all of a suddenreplies Treyarch, whereby the zombie story from Cold War will continue here.

Games are now in the general canon (as are plot campaign events taking place in the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War universe) . Call of Duty: Vanguard is released November 5 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

Like Black Ops Cold War, versions of the Next-Generation Console Shooter will cost the way. And if you liked the implementation of DualSense features in Cold War on PlayStation 5, don’t worry Sledgehammer promises all the same at Vanguard.