Call of Duty: Modern Warfare became the most successful award game in 2020

Research firm SuperData shared the results of 2020 in digital services, which has grown markedly over the past 12 months. Total revenue across all platforms was $127 billion, up 12% from 2019 results. At the same time, the console accounted for only 19.

7 billion dollars, PC โ€” 33. 1 billion, and mobile platforms โ€” 73.

8 billion dollars. The bulk of the money, 78% or 98.

4 billion dollars, brought shareware projects. That‘s a huge portion of revenue on mobile platforms (73.

8 billion) and computers (22. 7 billion).

On consoles, the indicator of F2P games is minimal – only 1. 8 billion.

That is, premium releases on smartphones and tablets did not bring almost any revenue, while on consoles it amounted to 17. 9 billion dollars, and on PC – 10.

4 billion dollars. it was premium games that showed the largest annual growth – as much as 28%.

Largely thanks to The Last of Us: Part II, Cyberpunk 2077 and DOOM Eternal. But the most successful premium project of the year was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with almost $2 billion in revenue.

Most likely, the results of Call of Duty: Warzone. Charts of premium games Call of Duty Modern Warfare โ€” $1.

91 billion FIFA 20 โ€” $1. 08 billion Grand Theft Auto V — $911m NBA 2K21 โ€” $889m NBA 2K20 โ€” $771 million Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War โ€” $678m Animal Crossing: New Horizon โ€” $654m Cyberpunk 2077 โ€” $609 million The Sims 4 โ€” $462 million DOOM Eternal โ€” $454 million.

Honor of Kings shareware game charts โ€” $2. 45 billion Peacekeeper Elite — $2.

32 billion Roblox โ€” $2. 29 billion Free Fire โ€” $2.

13 billion Pokemon GO โ€”$1. 92 billion League of Legends โ€” $1.

75 billion Candy Crush Saga โ€” $1. 66 billion AFK Arena โ€” $1.

45 billion Gardenscapes New Acres โ€” $1. 43 billion Dungeon Fighter Online โ€” $1.

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