Call of Duty: Warzone developers have reduced the size of the lobby in some modes

Players noticed that the maximum number of participants in the Call of Duty: Warzone lobby has decreased just a few days ago. Raven Software itself did not say anything about the changes, but subsequently responded to the request, explaining a reduction in the necessary measures to resolve connectivity problems. Apparently, after some time, everything and so far, the maximum number of players in the lobby in BR Quads, Duos and Solo modes is 140 participants.

In the case of BR Trios โ€” 138. Only in Vanguard Quads everything remains the same, that is, up to 152 players are supported.

Recall that the developers recently reported on the success in the fight against cheaters – all thanks to the Ricochet anti-cheat. More on Gambling Users are upset that the winter of Meme Mr.

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