Call to pregnant women: share experiences with coronavaccins

Knowledge Centre Mothers of Tomorrow calls on women to share their experience with medicines in and around their pregnancy, and in particular about the new coronavaccines. That way, it wants to get more insight into the safety for that group.

About the action of the coronavirus vaccines during pregnancy is little known, since pregnant women have not been included in pharmaceutical studies. โ€œThis applies to more vaccines and medicines,โ€ says Agnes Kant of side effects centre Lareb, which is part of the initiative. โ€œWe want to build that knowledge by collecting practical experiences.โ€

Two exceptions

Women who are pregnant are now advised to wait with a coronavaccination until after childbirth. There are two exceptions to this: pregnant women who have underlying diseases or who are heavily exposed to corona, for example, in care.

They are advised to check, in consultation with the GP, whether vaccination is wise. The possible disadvantages of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can outweigh the health risks in their situation, according to an expert group.

Based on knowledge about other vaccines, these experts do not expect problems in pregnant women with these pricks. โ€œBut there are no practical experiences with them yet, so it‘s important to collect them,โ€ says Kant. โ€œThis allows us to be alert if there are any effects on the child’s pregnancy or health.โ€