Call: What do you want to know about inventor Boyan Slat?

Boyan Slat is a 26 year old Dutch inventor. He is the founder of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to removing plastic from the sea and rivers.

50.000 kilos of plastic

A year ago Boyan came up with a new invention, The Interceptor. That means the interceptor. This special boat can fish 50,000 kilos of plastic out of the water every day.

There is so much confidence in Boyans inventions that people all over the world have already donated tens of millions of euros. With that money, The Ocean Cleanup can clean the water even better.

Do you want to know something about this inventor? Soon we will visit Boyan with your questions.

When Boyan presented The Interceptor, we made a video about it. It also explains how the boat works. You can see that below: