Cambuur coach De Jong refutes criticism: I didnt do it wrong right?

Henk de Jong does not blame SC Cambuur players after the 9-0 defeat at Ajax. The Leeuwarders trainer especially praises the strength of the Amsterdammers.
Despite the punishment in the Johan Cruijff Arena, all Cambuur players stepped off the field without a yellow card. De Jong saw no shortage of combative spirit. โ€œThere were situations, but lets just be honest. We tried everything, but Ajax was just better in every way,โ€ he says at ESPN. โ€œYoull find them at the wrong time, right after that great game in Portugal. We werent up to that, in no way.โ€
De Jong notes that there was no holding for Cambuur. โ€œThat happens against Ajax. I think it was also 7-0 at Bayern – Bochum, so you can do anything, but they walk in between. They
re a little too good for us right now.โ€ The coach doesnt think he was too naive either. โ€œI didnt do it wrong, did I? We countered, but Ajax was just too good. They pushed us back on their own half.โ€
De Jong doesnt want to know about criminal training either. โ€œIm totally disappointed with the result, but Im not going to drop my boys. You can lose to a very good Ajax. We have a bad night, but tomorrow Ill be right in front of the group again. They were just too good for us, in all positions.โ€

๐Ÿ’ช Henk de Jong does not leave his head hanging after the punishment against Ajax.โ€ Im not dropping my boysโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 18, 2021