Cambuur fans are not distancing: ‘This is a folk club! ‘

SC Cambuur‘s 3-0 home victory at Roda JC did not pass unnoticed on Friday night in Leeuwarden. At the stadium, it was estimated that one hundred to two hundred men gathered. Trainer Henk de Jong decided to visit the fans.

Cambuur is almost sure of the first period title in the Kitchen Champion Division because of the big victory. Due to the sporting success, the coronameasures have shifted into the background, reports De Cceit. A photographer tells the newspaper that โ€œmost attendees do not keep any distanceโ€ in any way. The police were present, but they didn’t intervene.

Cambuurfans celebrate after winning, but do not keep their distance: LEEUWARDEN – A group of 100 to 200 Cambuurfans celebrates the 3-0 win against Roda JC at Cambuurstadion. Most attendees do not keep any distance in any way.
โ€” Leeuwarden (@leeuwarden) October 23, 2020

De Jong decided to visit the supporters. โ€œI had to go to the supporters,โ€ says the trainer at FOX Sports. โ€œI knew they were close to each other, but we showed ourselves for a while and they are now nicely separated. We‘re happy about that, and so are the police. Well, this is a folk club, so the supporters are getting together soon. And we’ve been through something though,โ€ he means the missed promotion. โ€œWe are doing surprisingly well, and the fans are very happy about that.โ€

รรฟ‘โ„ข รรฟ’โ€บ Henk de Jong once again proves his love for @SCCambuurLwd‘s supporters: โ€œI had to go to our supporters. That’s very important.โ€
โ€” FOX Sports (@FOXSportsnl) October 23, 2020