Camera footage of Amess suspect popup

The suspect in the murder of Sir David Amess has been captured on camera footage of entrepreneurs in London.

That‘s what the Daily Mail reports. Ali Harbi Ali lived in an upmarket neighbourhood in North London and headed for church in Essex around 8.45 am where he would stab Conservative Parliamentarian Amess to death.

The camera footage would also be part of police investigation. An entrepreneur who lives near the house where Ali lives with his aunt and nephews, shared the footage with a detective.

Ali Harbi Ali was presumably on site an hour and a half before his atrocity. He had made an appointment with Amess to speak to him that day, was only allowed to enter the church after some time, and would have invested 17 times on the defenseless Amess, father of four daughters.

Terror or Qatar?

The motive is still unclear. Ali Harbi Ali is an official terrorist suspect and radicalized. He also participated in a British government anti-radicalisation program called Prevent — although he stopped showing up after a while.

Another plausible statement runs through Qatar. The suspect’s father is a former senior advisor to the Somali government. Civil war has been raging in Somalia for years. Qatar plays a dominant role in this. The Arab oil state funded the election campaign of current President Hassan Sheikh. Hari Ali Kullane, the suspect‘s father, was communications advisor to a previous Somali Prime Minister.

Amess’s ties to Qatar were warm. He was part of the British Parliament‘s Qatar group. Last week he visited the Arab oil state with a group of other parliamentarians. Amess has been frequently fêted by Arab lenders from Qatar in recent years. For example, he was a guest at the oil state-sponsored classic car -festin Goodwood in southern Sussex this spring.

Police say they’re still investigating.