Cammy and Gayla from Street Fighter to add to Fortnite this week

Epic Games announced that Cammy and Gyle from Street Fighter. Gail‘s outfits from Street Fighter. Gyle’s outfits include classic green uniforms, a โ€œBeach Gyleโ€ variant and a โ€œKnockoutโ€ back decoration.

Cammy‘s classic outfit will also have Camouflage Cammy and Northern Lights back decoration. Both gear can be bought individually or in a set together with Round 2 download screen.

Cammy and Gyle’s kit will feature pickaxes of Gyle‘s Castet Axe and Delta Red Cammy Axe, as well as a Supersonic Fighter hang glider. You can get Cammy gear and Northern Lights back decorations before they appear in store for winning Cammy’s tournament, which will be held on August 5.

Also, now in store Fortnite items can be bought by the outfit of Bladsport, a supervillain from the DC comic book universe. The equipment is sold with โ€œDangerous Sampleโ€ and four graffiti pieces on the back, and separately you can buy an A.

R. G.

U. S.

Blade pick and Tactical Camouflage wrapper. Finally, at the store, you can find Harley Quinn gear, a new style that the owners of the revived Harley Quinn will receive automatically.

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