Campaign in the street scene replaces coldcase calendar police

The police are launching a new campaign with the Public Prosecutor‘s Office to raise awareness of coldcase cases. The campaign’s motto is ‘it’s never too late to talk‘.

The campaign replaces the coldcase calendar. Since 2017, it has been distributed annually to penitentiary institutions, TBS institutions and at the probation service.

โ€œ We have been looking for a more focused way to bring unresolved issues to the attention,โ€ says police spokesman Evelien Aanenbrug against RTV Noord. The aim is to give each case its own approach.

Els Slurink

The death of Els Slurink in Groningen is the first case that the police hope to solve in this new way. The 33-year-old psychologist was murdered in 1997 with a knife stab in her heart at the Van Brakelplein. There’s never been an unsub arrested.

Poster in bus booths

By means of a two-week publicity campaign, the police once again draw attention to the murder. In a hundred bus booths in the city of Groningen there are posters with a picture of Slurink, with above it the text โ€œWho brought Els Slurink to lifeโ€. A digital billboard on the Grote Markt in the center also calls attention to the case.

Investigation Requested comes on 26 January with a special broadcast, in which a new reconstruction of the last day of Slurink can be seen.

โ€œ We really think there should be someone who knows more,โ€ says Aanenbrug. โ€œWe want to get to those people. We make Els in Groningen part of the street scene, so that everyone is constantly confronted with her.โ€