‘Can only smile at things that happened behind scenes near Barcelona’

Martin Braithwaite – like Frenkie de Jong – was put under considerable pressure to leave FC Barcelona last summer, but the Dane has to smile when he thinks back to the situation. Braithwaite also thinks he was good enough for Barcelona.
To make room for new players, Barcelona wanted to get rid of many players last summer. Braithwaite and De Jong were both nominated to leave. Barcelona threw everything in its power to direct them to the exit: for example, the club wanted to let Braithwaite go transfer-free and stop paying much of its remaining salary. The Danish attacker finally tapped, in contrast to De Jong. โ€œDid I like the bullying? I dont really know thatโ€, Braithwaite looks back in conversation with Danish media.
โ€œIn any case, I think it
s important to always think about the mental health of others,โ€ continues Braithwaite, who seems to be sending a signal about the Barรงa method. โ€œI know how things work in this world. Unfortunately, football is also business. But fortunately, I also have some experience, so I dont always have to be emotionally involved.โ€
โ€œIn many ways, I can only smile a little bit at all the things that happened behind the scenes. Last season, I was a top scorer before I was injured. But then there was a change of coach (Xavi for Ronald Koeman, ed.), he wanted something different. That
s part of it, but Ive shown that I have the level to play at Barcelona,โ€ concludes Braithwaite.