Can we go to space with a balloon in the future?

A space trip is always made with a rocket. Right? According to a United States company doesn‘t. They don’t want a rocket, they want to go into space with a balloon. The balloon contains helium, which is a chemical that causes the balloon to take off. This way the balloon can be very high.

According to the company, this way of travel is more environmentally friendly because the balloon does not consume fuel. A rocket engine does. If more and more people go into space with a rocket, it can be bad for Earth.


The company is now testing everything to see if it really can. If all goes well, the first passengers will be able to travel to space by balloon in three years. A ticket costs more than 40,000 euros per person. This is cheaper than the rocket, which costs more than 170,000 euros.

A rocket is a lot faster. The balloon goes up at about 20 kilometers per hour, which is about as fast as if you were cycling.