Can you stop the British variant by testing an entire congregation?

The municipality of Lansingerland has started testing all the inhabitants on corona. In this way, we need to make more clear about the distribution of the British variant. This variant is much more contagious and in Britain it causes many problems.

Thats where the British variant spreads at lightning speed. Lately, there have been an average of 60,000 infections a day. That makes it very busy in the hospitals. Sometimes ambulances have to wait for hours outside until a spot is found for the patient.


Experts warn that this situation can also happen in the Netherlands. Thats why we need to be very careful now. Also it is important to know how the British variant spreads.

Theres good news, too. Experts believe that the vaccines being distributed also work against the British variant. In the coming months, many more people will get a shot, so they will be much less likely to get sick.