Canada demonstrators want research after finding anonymous graves at boarding school

In the Canadian capital, Ottawa, hundreds of protesters have called for an investigation into the boarding schools for children of indigenous peoples. The protesters are angry after the discovery of hundreds of anonymous graves at several former boarding houses, over the past few months.

The protest went from Prime Minister Trudeaus office to the Department of Justice in Ottawa. Hundreds of people came to a call from the New Democratic Social Democratic Party. According to MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, from the northern territory of Nunavut, the indigenous wholegrain need โ€œtruth and justiceโ€.

She advocates a special prosecutor and a full investigation, with international observers, into the โ€œcrimes of Canada against indigenous peoplesโ€. She also pulled out to Prime Minister Trudeau and Justice Minister Lametti. According to her, they should take action and start an investigation.

Until the 90s, some 150,000 children of indigenous peoples were forced to the schools, where pupils were victims of physical and sexual violence by directors and teachers. Forcibly, they had to leave their home, family and culture behind them, and the mother tongue was forbidden in school.

Since the end of May, more than a thousand anonymous graves have been found near schools. A committee of inquiry previously concluded that the Canadian government participated in a โ€œcultural genocideโ€. Presumably more than 4000 people have died, including malnutrition and infectious diseases.