Canada expects dozens of new forest fires and deploys the military

The Canadian government is going to deploy the military to help extinguish the more than 100 forest fires. The fires are raging in the British Columbia province, in the southwest of the country.

The army deploys planes and some 350 soldiers to assist the fire brigade. They can also help with evacuations.

The number of forest fires in Canada is not declining yet. Dozens of things are expected to be able to gain this weekend, including lightning strikes. Yesterday, about 12,000 lightning strikes were counted.


The most dangerous fire rages about 20 kilometres from Kamloops city, between Vancouver and Calgary. The fire covers more than 300 square kilometres and is uncontrollable. Campers in the surrounding area are being expelled.

The fires were filmed from a car:

Burns are also raging closer to Kamloops; hundreds of inhabitants have been evacuated over the past few days. The fire department says they saved some 400 houses from the flames. Its residents are allowed to go home.


Kamloops is about a hundred kilometres from Lytton, the village that became world news at the beginning of this week due to the record temperatures of nearly 50 degrees that were measured there. Shortly thereafter, it was completely laid in ashes.

It probably killed two Lytton residents. The thousand residents had been ordered to leave, but not everyone may have done that. Certainty isnt there yet, as telephone connections have fallen out and the area is still too dangerous to enter.