Canada wants apologies Vatican after finding childrens bodies at boarding school

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants the Catholic Church to apologize for the abuses in schools for indigenous children in Canada. A week ago, the bodies of 215 children were found at a Catholic boarding school.

After the discovery of the bodies at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, the Catholic Church‘s call for apology sounded in Canada. However, from the Vatican there was no response to this. According to Trudeau, it is time for the church to stand up and take responsibility.

Deeply disappointed

โ€œ As a Catholic, I am deeply disappointed in the attitude of the Catholic Church,โ€ said Trudeau. โ€œWhen I was in the Vatican a few years ago, I asked Pope Francis to apologize and ask for forgiveness.โ€

He also asked for compensation for the victims and the release of the documents of the schools, but according to Trudeau, it remained silent from the church. He blames the Vatican’s lack of leadership and calls on Canadian Catholics to draw attention to this from their bishops and cardinals.

In Canada, native children were forced education in Christian schools funded by the Canadian government until the 1970s. More than 150,000 children were โ€œraisedโ€ to Western model citizens there, but they were often neglected and mortality was high.

Other Churches

The Canadian government has previously offered excuses and financial satisfaction for this. Several churches, including the Anglican Church, also offered excuses. From the Vatican, excuses were not allowed, but the Archbishop of Vancouver made that gesture on Wednesday.

Trudeau hopes that the Vatican will follow this example. He also said that if necessary, he could force the Catholic Church to release the documents of the schools.