Canadian town of Lytton evacuated to burn in extreme heat wave

All residents of the Canadian town of Lytton, where three heat records were killed this week, have been evacuated due to skipped forest fires. โ€œThe whole village is on fire,โ€ says Mayor Jan Polderman to the station CBC News.

Polderman: โ€œWe saw the first smoke development looming and fifteen minutes later the fire was everywhereโ€. He said he hopes that once the fire is extinguished, buildings still stand up. But he didnt shut out that theres nothing left of the town later.

The mayor called on all 250 residents yesterday to leave their homes immediately because of the fire approaching. Highways to the north and south of the town in the British Columbia province have been closed, as a fire broke out there too. Firefighters are trying to control the forest fires.

The temperature in Lytton has risen to 49.6 degrees Celcius in recent days:

In Lytton, the Canadian heat record was broken three times in the last few days. On Sunday, a record temperature of 46.1 degrees was measured, followed by 47.9 degrees on Monday and 49.6 degrees Celcius a day later. Yesterday it was slightly less hot at 39 degrees. The streets were deserted this week, the inhabitants stayed indoors as much as possible.

In the US and Canadian states along the west coast, its much warmer than usual. As a result of the heat, more than a hundred sudden deaths have been detected in the Vancouver region of Canada and feared more victims in the coming days.

Biden: heat is due to climate change

Experts link heat and global warming. US President Biden also said that the heat wave on the west coast has to do with climate change.

โ€œDid you ever think you would turn on the TV and hear its 46.6 degrees in Oregon?โ€ , Biden wondered aloud. โ€œBut dont worry, there is no question of climate change – it only exists in our imagination,โ€ he added in sarcastic tone.