Cancelled script of the ninth episode of “Star Wars” turned into a comic

The initial script of the ninth episode of Star Wars continues to excuse the minds of fans — now it has been adapted as a full-fledged comic. A story based on Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly‘s story, titled Duel of Fates, began last year when his retelling of the duck into the net. And the text was followed by the concept art of the cancelled version of the script.

This version of the story, much different from the final version, interested fans so much that after a while it was even adapted in an animated format. And now followed and a comic adaptation (the official edition of which, incidentally, cancelled Lucasfilm).

Project author Andrew Vinegarner admitted that, like many, remained unhappy with the final version of the film, so decided to return to the early version of the script and bring it to life a little bit. He started working on illustrations, which eventually turned into a full-fledged comic — the story is not yet complete, but the author has already created six issues.

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