Capcom expected to cancel Capcom Cup tournament

The epidemiological situation is still far from well being, and Capcom quite predictably announced that this year will not hold its main esports tournament, Capcom Cup. Cancel the Street Fighter League World Championship was automatically subjected to as well. These events were scheduled for 19-21 February.

Instead, Capcom will sum up the season in the online Capcom Pro Tour finale. All players who won the online tournaments will be invited to participate in it.

The company will announce details. Last year, the company did not host the planned Capcom Pro Tour due to BLM-pogroms in the United States.

This year‘s final will take place on February 20-21. More on Gambling Bloody adventure Psychotic’s Colossus Down will be released on PS4 and Switch CD Projekt will pay a fine for Cyberpunk 2077 advertising โ€œGodzilla vs.

Kongโ€ will be released in rent two months early.