Capcom hinted at the announcement of the sixth part of Street Fighter in 2022

Capcom conducted an almost half-hour broadcast, mostly dedicated to the new hero Luke. The tragic event of childhood inspired him to join the army, where Luke‘s mentor, judging by the published footage, became well known to everyone Gail. The character will join the ranks of the existing fighters on Monday โ€” Season 5 Premium Pass or Character Pass is required to access.

Apparently, the release of additional content for the fifth part will end on Luke, and the announcement of the sixth. CAPCOM has not announced in this direct text, but only noted that she would use the experience gained while working on Street Fighter V in the next project.

It will be announced in 2022. Also, in honor of the release of the last character, gamers will receive discounts and access to a free trial until November 29.

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