Capcom revealed Resident Evil Village map and design of main villainโ€”Mother Miranda

Capcom revealed the full world map of Resident Evil Village, showing four major Romanian village locations โ€” Dimitrescu Castle, Beneviento House, Heisenberg Factory and Moro Reservoir. Each landmark was assigned its own illustration with the monster. Project director Morimasa Sato notes that characters are the most important aspect when creating a memorable village.

The design of the castle led by Lady Dimitrescu has already been revealed, but at least three locations remain unknown. In doing so, snow will play a crucial role – not only in storytelling, but also in gameplay.

When the developers went to Europe for inspiration, they surprised that the snow was still lying in spring. Initially, there was none in part eight.

In addition, the developers showed the design of Mother Miranda – the main villain of the eighth part, which is still shrouded in mystery. Her presence is felt in every corner of the village, locals worship her, and Lady Dimitrescu in one of the trailers talked to her on the phone.

But they do not plan to reveal the details of the character before the release – this players will already have to study themselves. โ€œBut I will say this: Mother Miranda and the inner sides of her character are extremely important for the game.

โ€ Mirandas mother in the village is portrayed as the GoddessDevelopers also revealed a fresh Resident poster Evil Village, which depicts Chris Redfield with Rosemary, daughter of Ethan and Mia, actually Ethan and all in the same mystical way Mother Miranda. However, the appearance of Ethan himself on the poster is much more interesting – although the appearance of the hero is still trying to hide.

New key posterBy Resident Evil Village story Ethan goes to the village in search of his daughter, who is apparently stolen by Chris โ€” the latter appears to be hunting for Mother Miranda. The game is released on May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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