Capcom suspends Beta Resident Evil Re: Verse

In the morning, Capcom launched the open beta Resident Evil Re: Verse, but the first players immediately encountered problems finding matches. For several hours, developers tried to fix difficulties with enabled servers, but as a result they decided to disable them until further notice. Most likely, the period of open testing due to โ€œidleโ€ will be extended.

Re: Verse is a competitive game based on Resident Evil, which all owners of RE Village will receive for free. In the documents of Capcom discussed plans to release the project separately according to the shareware model – but now it is given only with the eighth part.

Resident Evil Village is released May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. RE Re: Verse will appear on the same day, but formally only on PS4, Xbox One and PC โ€” on new consoles the action is available on backwards compatibility.

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