Capitol stormster suspected of stealing laptop Pelosi

The FBI is currently investigating the intentions of the woman who alleged to have tried to steal Nancy Pelosi‘s computer during the Capitol Storming on January 6. Although it is not yet known whether the laptop was actually stolen, it is claimed that the Capitol Stormster intended to sell the laptop to the Russians.

The defendant is listening to the name Riley June Williams, a Pennsylvania lady who, according to witnesses, was shown on footage of the storm on January 6. A testimony published at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night shows that Williams was fleeing. According to police officers from Harrisburg, Williams’ mother told us that after returning home she packed her bag and told her she‘d be gone for a few weeks. Furthermore, the mother claims to have received no information about Williams’s destination.

So far, it‘s not clear whether the laptop was actually stolen. However, another witness – who turns out to be an ex-partner of Williams – reports that Williams has seen a laptop or hard drive slipping into her bag on video footage. Those same witnesses say they know that Williams was planning to send the computer to a friend in Russia. This friend would then sell the laptop to Russian intelligence.

However, that plan seems to have failed according to the ex, whose name is unknown. In addition, this person claims that Williams is still in possession of the computer, or destroyed the device.

โ€œ Family outing โ€œ

The father of Riley June Williams says he didn’t get any further of the possible laptop theft. As if it were a family outing, he drove with his daughter to Washington for protests, after which Williams visited some other friends on arrival. After the historic storming of the heart of democracy, the two came together and drove home.

For the time

being, the missing Williams will only have to count on the currently proven charges: entering a forbidden building and disturbing public order.