“Captain Blad” still exists – build the final game found and even passed

About a year ago there was information that Captain Blood never got to the release due to accidental removal of sources – however, as it turned out, the final version of the game is all but it was preserved. Yesterday, a 23-minute video appeared on YouTube with the beginning of the passage. Its author briefly told the story of the project, and also revealed that he had the final version of the game — the one that had to be sent in print before all legal red tape.

And today the DTF portal, which also managed to access the final version of the unreleased game, has already published a review of Captain Blad . According to the author of the text, technically the project really looks like a finished product – even now it is running in high resolution with a gamepadom.

In a non-trivial review note that even now Captain Blood looks surprisingly beautiful – thanks not only to the stylized visual design, but also the technology used. All the more surprising that the fresh version of the StormEngine (3.

0) engine from the third Corsairs (2. 5) is taken as a basis.

Also praised the animations, the basis of the combat system and the pirate atmosphere – however with the rest of the game has quite a lot of problems. The plot is vague, the characters are caricatured at best, and the gameplay is bored literally for several levels – too little depth and variety.

In general, according to the author of DTF, Blad would have performed perfectly 10 years ago — then there were not so high demands for games — but now it feels too old-fashioned and against the background of other (even budget) releases largely loses. More about the game can be found from the DTF review – with screenshots and gifs.

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