Car bomb demands at least 27 lives in Afghanistan, also school children killed

A major explosion caused by a car bomb in the East Afghan province of Logar has killed at least 27 people. Dozens of people were injured. According to the authorities, the explosion was at a boarding house in the provincial capital Puli Alam. The guests were sitting at the Iftar meal at that time, after having fasted during the day in connection with Ramadan.

Among the dead are high school students, who had traveled to the city to take an entrance exam for the university. A group of police officers was also killed in the blast. There may be more bodies under the rubble of the guest house, the authorities think.

Around the affected guest house there is a lot of damage, including to housing and to a hospital. At different houses, the roof has collapsed. A still unknown number of people are buried in rubble and rescuers are trying to free them. Images shared on social media show that people are being pulled out from under the debris.

Withdrawal of troops

Who is responsible for the attack is still unclear. A Taliban spokesman tells Reuters to investigate the case. Why the boarding house was the target of the assassination is not yet known.

Today, the United States and NATO are starting to withdraw their military personnel, who must have left completely by 11 September. Since the withdrawal of troops has become known, violence has increased in Afghanistan.