Car drives through fence Weeze airport, flight must break down landing

A Ryanair plane had to break down the landing last night after a car drove through the gate around Weeze German airport. Emergency services were taking into account an attack at the airport just across the border near Venray, but the driver turned out to be unwell.

A 59-year-old Kevelaer man had driven the road next to the runway under the influence when he lost control over the wheel. After driving through the gate, he was stopped by the airport security services on a taxiway.

The landing of a Ryanair flight from Rome was demolished as a precaution due to the incident. A reporter from the WDR station on board reported that the plane circled several times and then swooped to Mรผnster airport. After refueling there, the aircraft was still able to land on Weeze later in the evening.

โ€œWhen we flew towards Weeze, the pilot suddenly returned gas, pulled up the aircraft and the landing gear was withdrawn,โ€ a fellow passenger described the incident. โ€œIt was scary, not a pleasant experience.โ€

The driver was taken to hospital due to the unwellbeing. Because he was driving under the influence, his drivers license has been taken and he can expect a fine according to the police.