Carbidshoot-foundation warns of risks as popularity rises

Since the Cabinet has declared a fireworks ban, there has been a significant increase in the sale of carbid. Its sold out in several places. Lovers are happy with the interest, but also warn. โ€œCarbide shooting is not harmless. You have to keep your mouth shut and you do well to follow the steps that stand for it,โ€ says John Schoonheim, chairman of the Carbidschieten Drenthe Foundation.

His organization united with other parties (as municipalities and security regions) and together they came up with the BOCK campaign (Conscious CarbidBnaller). They put up tips for carbide shooters.

For example, it is useful to know what rules apply in the municipality where they want to shoot carbide. In some municipalities, a permit or a waiver is required.

Those who are going to carbide shooting for the first time will also be good to read in. โ€œAsk where you are going to carbide shoot how it works and bring someone who has done it more oftenโ€, says Schoonheim.

In addition, it is important that the material with which you are going to carbide shoot is well assembled. Most often carbide shooters use milkcans. โ€œThey must be firm and without holes.โ€ It is safer to close the milk can with a ball than with a lid.

The campaign also recommends that you protect your hearing properly.

According to Schoonheim, carbid is not very dangerous if you pay close attention. โ€œThe incidents compared to fireworks are many times less. You need to use your common sense. Dont do crazy things. Carbide shooting at the Amsterdam canals, for example, is very unwise. You have to have a lot of space.โ€

After it became known that the government wanted to impose a fireworks ban, the safety regions Gelderland-Oost and IJsselland (Overijssel) announced not to ban carbide shooting with Old Years New Year.

โ€œ Next week Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe will come up with a decision. We are waiting for that with sorrow. Either way, we support the decision. If we may, we should go back to the base: carbide shooting with a club of four or six people. A good pop and some food and drink.โ€

Already orders

Omroep Zeeland spoke with a carbide seller, who has already received orders while normally only after Christmas.

โ€œ I expect a lot more sales than previous years, because people like to shoot the old year,โ€ says carbid-seller Adriaan Langebeeke from Vrouwenpolder. And carbid is much cheaper: for 5 euros you buy a kilo and you spend about five hours. Do that with 5 euros of fireworks; that is gone in a minute.โ€

Interest in carbide shooting has been growing for several years. โ€œIn 2015, between 40,000 and 50,000 kilos of carbid were sold. Between 80,000 and 90,000 in 2019.โ€ According to Schoonheim, growth is due, among other things, to fireworks on New Years Eve should not normally be fired until 18.00. โ€œCarbide shooting is allowed during the day. It actually only happens during the day anyway. In the dark it is difficult and not so safe.โ€

He warns carbide shooters to follow the rules: โ€œDont screw it up. Stick to the rules and be happy if we are allowed to do it.โ€