Card Shark card shark simulator postponed until 2022

Another game premiere is moving to next year: Devolver Digital and Reigns Nerial have announced the postponement of the release of Card Shark solitaire adventure. The game will not be released this year, and will not be available on PC and Nintendo Switch until 2022. And it is not reported how long it will take to wait for it.

Card Shark is dedicated to the classic history of card sharking. In it we will have to get from the village taverns to the royal palace in Versailles, and we will have to make our way in any way, including dishonest ones.

fraudulent tricks that were used in Europe in the XVIII century. For some of them, if revealed, we will at least have a duel.

And our guide in the world of deception will be the famous Count Cagliostro. More on Gambling addiction Roofs patched: Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy released a large-scale patch 1.

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