Cardaclysm card strategy: Shards of the Four left early access

Studio Elder Games, backed by Headup, released from early access its Cardaclysm card role-playing strategy: Shards of the Four. In the test access it was eight months, and during that time received mostly positive feedback. The release version opens a new region, Realm of Death.

Players can replenish their roster with additional cards and equip the hero with powerful artifacts. In addition, during the passage, they will be able to earn even more Steam-achievements, and finally get to the final of the story campaign.

The developers announced that they have completely completed the work on the world Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four and its open to all players. And due to procedural generation of locations his research should give every time new impressions.

Buy the game can be with a release discount of 40%, for only 209 rubles. More on Gambling Keanu Reeves told about the background of the character comic BRZRKR In the KickStater campaign Roots of Pacha in three days unlocked two goals Player Dragon Quest of the Stars is arrested for threats against Square Enix.