Career advice regulation already full after one month: ‘This exceeds all expectations’

The maximum number of registrations for free career development advice has already been reached. In a month’s time, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has already received 22,000 applications. This means that the scheme is full for the number of people who can follow the course at the government’s expense.

“The demand for development advice exceeds all our expectations,” says Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs. “It turns out that many people like it when someone thinks along with them about their possibilities in the current, changing labour market. And I’m happy that we can offer more than 20,000 people that help. But I understand that others may be disappointed.”

Employed people, freelancers and jobseekers, anyone could register. The 22,000 who were on time receive four free interviews with a career coach.

Extra money

The scheme is part of a larger package of crisis measures aimed at retraining. This also includes, for example, free online training as of next winter. In total, the government released 50 million euros in May to entice more people into retraining. 14 million of this was earmarked for free development advice.

Last week, the Cabinet presented a new support package. It also included extra money to help people adapt to the changing labour market in this crisis.