Carnivalesk RKC pushes gate closer Emmen in the final phase deeper into the swamp

RKC started the twenty-second round of the Eredivisie with an extremely important victory. The Waalwijkers defeated FC Emmen by a late goal of Ahmed Touba with 1-0.

The RKC in carnival dress played the first half with much more poison than fence closer Emmen. The attack cover of the formation from Drenthe was barely used and mainly watched as RKC tried to force a passage towards the goal of Michael Verrips, the goalkeeper of Emmen.
That worked pretty nicely for rest a couple of times. For example, Verrips could only just tap a roller of Ola John out of the corner and he was lucky that the rebound was not walked in by the up-and-coming RKCer. Not much later Thijs Oosting touched a shot by Richard van der Venne, but the goalkeeper once again got in the way.
Partly because of the interventions of the new goalie of Emmen, RKC did not like it and after the break the guests got a little more grip on the race. Without huge opportunities to play football together, they acted at an acceptable level and it was questionable whether the small opportunities for both sides would still grow into a goal. Michael de Leeuw could have taken care of that, but he left in a promising position.
The final phase in the cold Waalwijk did not yield much spectacle, but eventually the winning goal. Just before time, Ahmed Touba shot a falling ball from 25 meters in the lower corner, giving RKC the incredibly important three points. The Waalwijkers therefore move away from the sixteenth place of Willem II and now protect their
safe position with a six-point lead. The Tilburgers still have two matches.

Just before time, Touba @RKCWAALWIJK shoots ahead. A hard bang from a distance is unstoppable for Verrips! รฐรฟลกโ‚ฌรฐโ€œ ยบ ESPN #รฏ ยธรขรขรขฦ’ยฃ #rkcemm
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 12, 2021

The concerns for Emmen are increasing. The formation from Drenthe continues to close and the gap to number fifteen RKC now becomes no less than thirteen points.