Carole Baskin: Im so done talking about Tiger King!

Carole Baskin is tired of talking about her role in the Netflix documentary series Tiger King. This explains Baskin, who became world famous in one fell swoop through the documentary series around the extravagant zookeeper Joe Exotic, in an interview with Metro.

The animal activist said that she was very disappointed in the final result and that she had only participated in the series because the creators had promised to create something big. โ€œThe day I watched it, I thought, what were these last five years about? This was nothing like they said they were working on,โ€ says Baskin. โ€œIm so done talking about Tiger King!โ€

The series focused on the years of struggle between Baskin and zookeeper Joe Exotic. Baskin tried to close the doors of his animal park, and Joe, in turn, questioned her husbands mysterious disappearance. The quarrel between the two rose higher and higher.

Exotic is currently serving a prison sentence for, among other things, the plotting of Baskins murder.