Carole Baskin: ‘Joe Exotic belongs in a cage’

According to Carole Baskin, it is entirely justified that Joe Exotic has not received a pardon from former President Donald Trump. In front of BuzzFeed, the activist says: โ€œJoe Maldonado-Passage is exactly where he should be: in a cage.โ€

The two were the most important figures in reality series Tiger King. The cameras followed Joe Exotic, the stage name of Maldonado Passage, in the years he campaigned against Baskin. Both ran animal parks: Exotic a commercial zoo and Baskin a shelter for rescued animals, although her rival argues that sentence coped badly with the beasts. Maldonado-Passage was ultimately convicted of cruelty of animals and the use of an assassin to have Baskin killed.

Joe Exotic‘s lawyers were so convinced that he was going to be released, that the team had a limo ready to pick him up from prison on Tuesday. However, the pardon did not remain, after which Joe lashed out at the president. On Wednesday, he stated on Twitter that he didn’t get out because he would be โ€œtoo innocent and too gayโ€ for it, and argued that Trump‘s โ€œcorrupt friendsโ€ had been given priority.

Baskin said in her statement to Buzzfeed: โ€œNo one benefits, apart from some silly attention attraction, of releasing someone who shot five tigers in the head to clear their cages for the circus that was willing to pay for the home of their tigers out of season. I think only Joe’s team and the media ever thought there was a pardon for Joe.โ€