Cartel Tycoon goes into early access on March 18

Studio Moon Moose and publishing house TinyBuild announced that the Cartel Tycoon business simulator is soon coming into early Steam access. Start building your drug empire according to the canons of the 1980s, we can on March 18. In the early version of the game will open ten regions, each with its own mayor and special conditions of conquest.

And connect to work we can up to forty lieutenants with a unique character, a set of skills and their own missions. In the course of the first acts of the story campaign all the main mechanics and systems will be available Cartel Tycoon: trust of lieutenants, city development, cash hauling, cartel setup.

The first passage will approximately take 10-15 hours. And in sandbox mode, the gameplay can become infinite.

About what role in the game is assigned to the mayors and what it will take for the head of the district to give his blessing to conduct business on its territory, is told in a new development diary. More on CCeit Jupiter Hell: authors Postal: Brain Damaged will release spiritual heiress Doom, the Roguelike Gran Turismo 7 moves to 2022 Sony announced VR system for PlayStation 5.