Casino sells eleven works by Picasso to make room for diversity

The Bellagio hotel in the American gambling city of Las Vegas has sold eleven Picasso paintings and other works for $100 million (more than 85 million euros). Parent company MGM Resorts wants to buy a more diverse collection with the proceeds, with more works made by women, people of color, lhbti artists or artists with disabilities.

Five of the paintings sold were in the hotel restaurant for years. Twelve other Picasso works remain in that restaurant.

Mistress and muse

The auction took place two days before the Spanish artist‘s 140th birthday. Sotheby’s auction house had the artworks under the hammer. The auction took place at the Bellagio hotel itself. It was the first time the auction house held an auction of this size from Las Vegas.

Femme au beret rouge-orange raised 40.5 million dollars, about ten million more than pre-estimated. It is an image of Picasso‘s mistress and muse Marie-Thรฉrรจse Walter that he made in 1938. The portraits Homme et Enfant and Buste d’homme accounted for 24.4 million and $9.5 million respectively.

Whoever bought the paintings has not been disclosed.