Cat removed from meter-high tree after 18 days

A cat in the U.S. state of Arkansas is liberated from a towering tree after eighteen days. The owner had done everything to get the four-legged friend out of the tree, but nothing seemed to help.

โ€œ Everyone came to help and climbed the ladder to get her, but she just ran further and further away,โ€ says Beverly McIntosh to local media. The tree in which Sparkles sat reaches up to 20 meters high.

McIntosh tried to call in Animal Services, but was told it was best to put some food down by the tree trunk. Subsequently, weeks passed without Sparkles making any steps to put the legs on the ground floor.

A man with a tree pruner finally brought salvation. He climbed into the tree with his equipment and managed to overpower Sparkles at high altitude. The cat needs to recover from the adventure and stays at home for now, says her owner. โ€œI was really scared and thought she was a dead man.โ€