Cat survives 11 days in the ceiling of New York Airport

During a trip from New York City to California, Muji the cat and her owner Taylor Le were subjected to a check. The cat saw her chance clean and took the paws: the animal ended up in the ceiling of LaGuardia Airport and was stuck there for eleven days.

Taylor and Muji were at the airport on Christmas Eve. An employee at the airport insisted that the black and white animal be removed from her travel basket, otherwise she could not pass the control.

โ€œ I said, ‘She’s gonna run away, do I really have to get her out of the basket?โ€ Le says to New York Post. It had to be done, and so Muji was taken out of the basket. While Taylor went through the security check with Muji, the cat decided to run away: she bit her owner and jumped away.

In vain

Just when Le almost got her cat again, the six-year-old animal put it on a run again. Muji ended up in the technical room of the airport, where two employees of the airport ventured a number of attempts to catch the animal. That turned out to be in vain.

According to Taylor, all attempts to catch the animal only complicated the situation: โ€œThe situation was getting worse.โ€

Ultimately, Muji disappeared into the ceiling. Tuna containers tried to trap Muji. Taylor rebooked her flight, hoping that this problem was solved the next day. But… The cat stayed hidden in the ceiling.

No roof over her head


which made the whole operation considerably difficult is that Taylor was in the middle of a move at that time. She was going to move from Brooklyn, New York to Orange County, California: โ€œI had no place to sleep. I had nothing. I didn‘t know what to do. Eventually I got on the plane the next day.โ€

The days passed and Muji was still holed up in the ceiling of LaGuardia Airport. In despair, Le turned to Facebook to ask for help there.

For example, the American came into contact with Where Is Jack Inc., an organization dedicated to making travel by plane as animal friendly as possible. A group of volunteers was brought up to speed up the search. Le also got permission to search for Muji with a tracker dog, Abby.

For a moment, Muji’s adventure seemed to end: the adventurous cat turned out to be back in the technical room. But, Taylor‘s hope flew: the usual methods of luring the cat did not help.

Finally, Muji was captured

again on January 4, eleven days after she thought she was going to freedom. Taylor: โ€œI started crying when I heard the message. It’s a miracle.โ€

The cat was taken to the animal hospital in Long Island, to be reunited with her owner on Tuesday.

Last Saturday, the two finally, together, could resume their trip to California: โ€œThis time I do have a special armor for her, and I request private screenings at the checks.โ€ Although the whole incident had quite an impact on Le, she is confident that the bond between her and Muji is now stronger than ever.