Catalunya Radio reveals last app Messi sent to Bartomeu

That Lionel Messi‘s relationship with former president Josep Maria Bartomeu of FC Barcelona was not good is no secret. Catalunya Radio reveals on Thursday what Messi’s last message to Bartomeu was.
After the 2-8 defeat in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, Messi tried to force a departure from Barcelona. He denounced Bartomeu and wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. Their relationship has been severely damaged over the years.
‘Messi’s last message to Bartomeu was sent just before the now famous burofax (in which Messi announces his wish to leave, red.) was sent. The tone of that message predicted the worst: you screw me again, traitor, quotes Catalunya Radio Messi.
Messi blamed Bartomeu, among other things, for leaking to the media. The former chairman had a good relationship with the Catalan press and to Messi‘s surprise he regularly saw confidential information appearing in the newspaper. But there were more things Messi was annoyed by. He asked Bartomeu if it was true that Barcelona would get Antoine Griezmann. That would mean Neymar’s return was off the track, but Bartomeu denied it. Griezmann was eventually fetched anyway.
Messi sent a burofax to Bartomeu last summer to make his travel wish official. This is a crucial step legally. Bartomeu left two months after Messi announced that he wanted to leave.