A teepee bed from grandpa

Every week we show a nice job project in VRIJ. This week the teepee bed of grandpa Ruud. “My father Ruud has golden hands,” says Dyantha den Dulk-Bruinsma from Zoetermeer. “He has rebuilt the bathroom, toilet and attic with attic in our house But grandfather Ruud is most proud of his two grandsons, with whom … Read more

Colourful artificial wall

Peter Kuipers (78) from Gelderland – he prefers to keep his hometown to himself – found the wall in his backyard boring, so he hung up a birdhouse and Buddha statue. But there was still some colour missing… So Peter collected cheerful (plastic) flowers to embellish the wall. Then the scratchy handyman stumbled here and … Read more

Peek inside at Patty Brard

In VRIJ Magazine on Saturday we talk to Patty Brard, who is stuck in her house on Ibiza. We peek into her houses on the Spanish island and that in Amstelveen. If there is one thing that makes Patty Brard happy, it is tutti in her tiger print pajamas. A freshly made bed, the fireplace … Read more

Heating boiler for Madurodam

Every week a home handyman is put in the spotlight. This week the boiler of Sjaak Kalisvaart, which can be found in Madurodam in no time! Sjaak Kalisvaart (72) from Krimpen aan den IJssel built this boiler to scale. Reason for his wife Nelly to surprise him with a spot in this section. Sjaak used … Read more

5 tips for removing paint stains

Stains are particularly annoying and difficult to remove. Yet it is not entirely impossible. Five tips. 1. If you act quickly, clothes with paint stains can still be saved. Dried stains are more difficult to remove. 2. Grab an old cloth or kitchen paper as soon as possible and press it loosely on the paint … Read more

When is that chimney to be swept?

The peppernuts are already in the shop and the first firewood has been ordered. Although officially it is still summer, many are secretly looking forward to autumn with that fireplace or cosy wood-burning stove. But how often does the chimney have to be swept? Stoves fired with wood, coal or oil cause soot particles to … Read more

Persian dormant trees and pot fillers

TV green specialist Lodewijk Hoekstra answers your garden questions every week. This week about Persian dormant trees and pot fillers. Lodewijk Hoekstra: It was tropically warm last week, with an enormous downpour here and there. Some places were completely flooded because the rainwater is simply too much for the sewers. There is also too much … Read more