Cats in Amsterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn are required to chip

In Amsterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn, owners will soon have to have their cats chipped. Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten wants to start a trial in these two municipalities โ€œas soon as possibleโ€, she reports to the House of Representatives.

The test comes at the initiative of Government Party D66. The experiment gained experience โ€œwith a local chip obligation and the impact of chip duty on the reunification of missing cats with their owners and on the nuisance of stray catsโ€, writes the demissionary minister to the House of Representatives. It will also look at the costs that municipalities would save if they had to catch less lost cats.

Such a chip is applied under the skin of cats, and has a unique code. This code is linked to the home address of the cat, so the owner can be informed when his or her cat is found.