Catshuis outcome: evening lockdown is valid until after the turn of the year

The current corona measures will be extended until at least at the beginning of next year. According to sources, that is the outcome of consultations at the Catshuis of experts and part of the outgoing cabinet.

This means that until at least the beginning of January, among other things, the hospitality and non-essential stores must close at 5 pm. Sports in gyms or in association will also be prohibited after 5 pm.

Furthermore, the advice to receive up to four people at home is maintained. There is therefore no question of an exception for the Christmas days, which the cabinet directed earlier.

This past week, although the number of new infections has declined, the pressure on healthcare remains high and therefore, according to the outgoing cabinet, easing is not appropriate. The cabinet follows the advice of the Outbreak Management Team. The OMT had advised not to relax, partly because of the uncertainty surrounding the new omikron variant.

Christmas holidays

The cabinet has not yet decided on a possibly longer Christmas holiday. The OMT had put this option on the table, to limit infections in schools. Minister Slob previously announced that it is the commitment to keep the schools open around the Christmas holidays.

There will be more consultations in the coming days and on Tuesday there will be a cabinet corona press conference where the decisions will be officially announced and explained.