Cave Story publisher complained about fan projects

Authors of fan projects on metroidvaniya Cave Story had to suspend development after complaints of publisher Nicalis about copyright infringement. The development of the original Cave Story alone was engaged in Daisuke Amaya. The game originally came out in 2004 and was distributed for free.

Nicalis later ported the game to Wii and DS, and released Cave Story 3D on 3DS and Cave Story+ on Steam and to Switch. At this time, the free version was decompiled and used to create fanatical projects including Cave Story Engine 2, which allows you to create your own versions of the game.

Now the Cave Story Engine 2 repository is not available, after Nicalis sent a copyright infringement complaint right. It is noted that the publisher really owns the rights to the source code of the original Cave Story, but the developers of the project will try to challenge the complain.

In October last year Nicalis already complained about a port of Cave Story for Xbox One, the authors of which launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Next week Cave Story+ will be giving away for free at Epic Games Store.

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