Cawkwardness De Jonge: in the photo without a mouthcap

A clumsiness from Minister De Jonge (Health): a picture of the coronaminister who is photographed in a store without a cap on. According to the reigning man, this only went off when taking the picture, but De Jonge says afterwards that he could have ‘kept the mouthcap better on at that moment.

A week ago, when King Winter was still ruling the country, the CDA director had his skates sharpened at a Rotterdam case. He was brought in by the shopkeeper. The owner invited me to take a look at the back of the workshop, where they were sharpening, says De Jonge via his spokesman.


That’s what the minister did ‘of course with a mouthcap on and one and a half meters distance. But the mouth mask — despite the obligation of the cabinet for stores, among other things — went off to take a picture, says De Jonge. The photo was intended for personal use, but leaked out to the shopper, among other things to De Cceit.

The cap went off only for the photograph, the minister emphasizes, and that is also confirmed by the shopkeeper in question. But De Jonge admits: Despite sufficient distance between them, I could have kept that mouthcap better during the photo.

Several politicians

Several politicians have been in contradiction in recent times for failing to comply properly with the corona measures. This week, Minister Hoekstra (Finance, CDA) had to go through the dust after sharing a campaign film of himself skating in Thialf. But the Frisian ice rink is not open to the public at all. Stupid, Hoekstra had to admit. He had not thought well about it.

And D66 group leader Jetten visited a gym last week to visit a trainer who works with people with disabilities and played sports. That is not possible, said Jetten afterwards to Radio 1.

Last summer there was a fuss around the wedding of Minister Grapperhaus (Justice, CDA), when pictures showed up on which he did not keep himself at the distance of one and a half meters. There was also Minister Bijleveld (Defence, CDA) who visited a church service during the holidays after her colleague Grapperhaus had just called on to visit the Christmas service at home.