CD Projekt Awards: $28 million to management, 29.8 million to 865 employees

The other day we wrote that last financial year brought good bonuses to the management of CD Projekt: five members of the board of the company received generous bonuses, from 4. 2 to 6. 5 million dollars.

Jason Schreyer‘s investigation is just about this: due to the fact that the company’s revenues grew by 500%, CD Projekt employees were paid bonuses in the amount of 20% of profits. At the same time 10% went to management, and the same amount was divided by 865 employees.

Taking into account the total bonus fund of $29. 8 million, the average employee of CD Projekt received about 34 thousand dollars.

In reality, of course, the amounts were unequal, and representatives of the lower level call premiums of 5-9 thousand. Senior employees were paid 15-20 thousand dollars.

The management staff received much more generous remuneration. President Adam Kiczynski, who received $6.

5 million in premium but lost on a fall in the company‘s shares 250 million, explained that the company has always spent about 20% of profits on premiums. And the amount of bonuses has always been tied to income: the higher it is, the more it gets to the board members.

We earned this money, and the company earned it, of course, but the more net profit, the more bonuses. So if we have results, we get bonuses, so it means in the contract.

Adam KiczynskyMany workers of CD Projekt are sure they could get a lot more if Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t released semi-crude โ€” there would be more sales and fewer returns. However, they acknowledge that the company has recently revised the size of salaries, especially the grassroots level, including the testers.

Now the salaries of ordinary staff of CD Projekt meet standards gaming industry โ€” which means that for a long time this conformity has not been observed. More on CCeit Reid Vault of Glass will appear in Destiny 2 as early as next month Studio Wolfire Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve FIFA 21 will appear in EA Play as early as May 6, but 15-18 issues will remove.