CD Projekt co-founder participates in opening of new publishing house

Michal Kiczynski, who together with Marcin Ivinsky founded CD Projekt in 1994, left business in 2010 and seemed to leave the gaming industry for good, opening a vegan restaurant. However, now he is again establishing a new studio, but already without sight on the AAA-games. Independent publishing house Gaming Company, which released a retroshooter Project Warlock and a step-by-step strategy about the Warsaw Uprising Warsaw, is now turning into a Retrovibe company.

It will be headed by Krzysztof Paplinski and Michal Affelski, co-founders of Gaming Company. Kiczyล„ski, who retains about 11% of CD Projekt shares, is not on the board of directors of the new publishing house, but acting in the role investor and is listed in the register of the company.

Retrovibe is already engaged in the release of five new retrogames: Project Warlock 2, Janosik 2, B. I.

O. T.

A, The Looter and Shardpunk: Verminfall. In addition, it continues to support the previously published Project Warlock and Janosik.

The new publishing house invites to cooperation studios whose projects correspond to the general line Retrovibe, and promises not interfere with the creative vision of developers. In addition, a series of live broadcasts of Live Dev has been announced, during which studios will be able to show their projects and talk about working on them.

Retrovibe is going to cooperate with the shop GOOG to fans retrogames have always had access to information about interesting projects in the New Retro style. More on Gambling Media: Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2s Chinese debut doomed due to release date In new synematics The Elder Scrolls Online revealed the opening gates of Oblivion Spirit of the Island continues the traditions of Stardew Valley, Moonlighter and Zelda.