CD Projekt investors demand resignation of studio executives after Cyberpunk 2077 failure

Representatives of the British foundation Abri Advisors sent a letter to the board of CD Projekt demanding the resignation of some studio executives โ€” Adam Kiczynski and Marcin Ivinski. The letter notes that the last 12 months have become a complete disappointment for investors, and after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the companys shares collapsed by 57% โ€” they lost in price more than 6 billion dollars. In the fund believe that the studio jumped above the head and even after a few transfers could not release a quality product, because of which Sony withdrew the game from sales and after almost 6 months until has not returned her to the PS Store.

โ€œI doubt even deliberately it is possible to make as many mistakes as these people made. This is truly shocking.

โ€ If Kicinsky and Ivinsky are not replaced, Abri Advisors will agitate other shareholders for the replacement of the board of directors of CD Projekt – this will require about 60% upvotes. However, this is unlikely, since many shares of the company (not less than 34%) belong to its executives, including Ivinsky.

The nearest shareholder by share is NN Group NV with 4. 2%.

Fund representatives also want to see the publication of a roadmap to rectify the situation – from returning lost shareholder reputations to restoring relations with ordinary players. More on CCeit The trailer of thriller โ€œWithout sharp movementsโ€ by the author of โ€œFriends of Oceanโ€ The authors of โ€œPatsโ€ showed Soldier performed by Jensen Eccles & laquo; Shadow and Boneโ€, new thrillers and horror โ€” that revealed on Netflix Geeked Week.