CD Projekt management to receive $28m award

Last week CD Projekt reported its 2020 financial results, announcing record sales ($562 million) and net profit ($303 million) . We have already talked about that of these data were extracted by analysts: what was the circulation of Cyberpunk 2077 and how many buyers returned the game. The agency Wirtualne Media paid attention to another aspect: if the company has profits, then how is it reflected on her employees? During the crucial period of work on Cyberpunk 2077, there were 530 employees in the studio staff.

At the end of 2020 only in the Warsaw branch employed 734 people, and another 107 and 43 — in branches in Krakow and Wrocław correspondently. Increase in staff leads to an increase in wages: it up 151% year over year.

In total, the CD Projekt group spent nearly 64 million. CD Projekt‘s board members earned a total of just over $64 million.

CD Projekt board members earned a total of just over five million dollars — a year earlier this amount was 3. 6 million.

In addition, President Adam Kiczyński and Vice Presidents Marcin Iwinski and Piotr Neljubowicz received about $6. 5 million in prize.

Badowski and Michał Nowakowski. Another $5.

6 million was intended for the award to other senior staff, but it is not known how many people shared this fund. It is worth noting that the failure with Cyberpunk 2077 and sharp falling shares in the company have caused the fortunes of their large holders to decline markedly.

For example, Marcin Ivinski owns 12. 15 million shares, previously they were valued at one and a half billion dollars, and now – only 550 millions.

Package of company co-founder Michal Kiczynski (10 million shares) fell from 1. 2 billion to 450 million dollars.

Peter Nelyubovich’s share (6. 13 million shares) is not 750 million, as previously, but only 280 million.

Adam Kiczynski (3. 32 million shares) used to cost 400 million, now — only 150.

Last year the number of employees of CD Projekt Red and GOG. com increased from 687 to 730, auxiliary staff grew from 175 to 177, and in publishing departments, the staff from 194 employees increased to 229.

Both companies are dominated by men, with 73% last year and 76% two years earlier. More on Gambling Designer Red Faction: Guerrilla makes a sandbox about destruction of buildings Next major update for Watch Dogs: Legion moved to May 4 Today World of Tanks on consoles will become modern.