CD Projekt RED named best hand works based on “The Witcher”

In honor of the early anniversaries of the second and third parts of The Witcher (10 and 6 years respectively) CD Projekt RED continues to show the best works of users based on the series. If last time there was cosplay, now it came to manual works of a completely different nature – from swords and all the way to food. The first thing was noted the cold weapon of witchers, created by authors from the Polish firm Kaer Morhen Forge, which is engaged in the production of such swords.

A witchy notebook followed, authored by designer Dasha Golova. Masters from China decided not to get involved, constructing the throne from the cover of the supplement of the third part Blood and Wine.

Weapons were created separately, too. A separate mention was given to the Polish institution Witcher Kitchen, where authors create dishes based on recipes of the universe – game, book and Netflix series.

But potions do not offer. A user under the nickname Dr.

Zarkow from Germany presented what LEGO could look like based on Wild Hunt. Polish masters of printing from The Burning Easel Art engaged in thematic burning on wood.

Authors from the American Vengerberg Glamarye just paid attention to different creams and ointmentscreating self-care products in the style of those used by the enchantress. Also separately noted Polish world map creators from Basil The Scribe.

And craftsmen from Croatia under the Epic Workshop brand created a customized dice board based on Killers of Kings. The final point was another work by the author from Poland — Falauke.

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