CD Projekt RED shares best cosplay on ‘The Witcher’

This month marks 10 years since the release of the second The Witcher and 6 years since the release of Wild Hunt — yes, Killers of Kings came out on May 17, 2011, whereas The Witcher 3& raquo; conquered players on May 18, 2015. How much we admired the game! So the developers from CD Projekt RED on such an occasion decided to remember and share the best creations of the community based on the studio games. And started with cosplay.

First of all, the vowel hero – Geralt performed by Italian Taryn Cosplay. But could the witcher achieve his fame without loyal friends and girlfriends? Especially when there are such attractive and at the same time talented heroines as Triss Merigold – from Miroslava Ladovir.

Or Keira Metz, which Rotten Kraken. But Heralts enemies there were always a lot more than friends — and heres one of them.

The forest performed by Idromys Costumes. But the midday – cosplay from Hanael Workshop.

But especially the developers liked the intimidating Quarantir, navigator Wild Hunt. Behind the bronze is hidden Superintendent Cosplay.

Of course, this is not the whole beautiful cosplay of heroes of the rich universe The Witcher. Without it, almost none of our weekly collection can do! Recall that before the end of the year Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will improve for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

The update will be free for all games. More on the CCeit Sequel Judgment dedicated to distorted justice – the announcement of Lost Judgment Resident Evil Village showed the best start of the series in Steam — ReMake 2 already behind Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will become PS5 exclusive until at least December 10.