CD Projekt sent Cyberpunk 2077 for first discounts โ€” 10% to GOG

CD Projekt sent Cyberpunk 2077 for the first official discounts – in the GOG store as part of the sale โ€œWe love gamesโ€ the project can be purchased 10% cheaper for 1799 rubles. Notably, in September, the company advised investors about plans to keep the price of Cyberpunk 2077 for a year โ€” and only after starting to offer โ€œsmall discounts & raquo;. However, at the winter sale of EGS, the project could already be purchased for 1349 rubles, and in January Amazon and Best Buy sold half price disk versions of the game for consoles.

Now the studio itself sent the game for discounts – tomorrow the cost will decrease in the Epic Games Store. Probably, the action will soon reach Steam.

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